How to Apply AMC Lashes


Who said you can’t apply lashes like a pro in your own home? Anna Marti created this easy step by step guide to help you get your glam on and look flawless every time. Follow along and watch the video below!

  • Start off by measuring the lashes to match your desired eye shape.
  • Start off by curling your natural lashes, and apply a thin layer of mascara on to your curled lashes.
  • Use a pencil black eye liner to line your waterline, this creates a full eyeliner look and covers the skin color around the eyes.
  • Here comes the part you all get scared…THE GLUE AMC created has made this part easy for you. We have made waterproof and latex free, quick dry glue for no mess long and strong strength. Now gently glide on a thin layer of AMC glue on to the lash band and count by seconds 1 2 3 4 5.
  • Grab your favorite lash applicator or a tweezer very careful place the lash very close to your natural lash line. Start pushing in the corners. Once you feel it’s on and secure, fold and lift the hair by wiggling.

 Guess what? You got your lashes on and are ready to slay your Glam!


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