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About Anna Marti Cosmetics

After over a decade of knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry, Anna Marti, is the creator and developer behind AMC. While creating exceptional results for other major brands, this led Anna to curate a beauty line that really spoke to her needs and wants. As a full time mother and entrepreneur, Anna decided to create a brand with one concept in mind “empowering anyone who wants it”. AMC creates cruelty free cosmetics that are consumer friendly, luxurious and always on trend.


What our Customers are Saying about us

Sarah Springer
These are the lashes I use when I want to add even more flare to my look. Perfect for nights out on the town or date-night. They're SO easy to apply and look AMAZING!!!

As a private chef I don’t like to wear any makeup but still want to look presentable. I use concealer, a little bronzer and MY ANNA MARTI LASHES everyday. It’s all I need to execute my look! The lashes make me look fresh and ready for my day!

These are my go-to lashes. They're so easy to apply and they're absolutely stunning! Perfect for everything, whether I'm going out or going to a meeting. Obsessed!!!!

Ruzanna Khechumyan
I have never been able to apply my own lashes, but Anna Marti lashes are such amazing quality they make it so easy! LOVE how light they feel and how gorgeous they look on me! I can wear them everyday now!  Thank you!!!

I have come across sooo many different lashes that i have grown to love but Anna’s coqueta lashes are NOW MY ABSOLUTE GO TO, FAVORITE for my natural and glam looks!! I can’t wait to order new, fresh ones!!!! :)