AMC Nuè Rich Pigment Lip Liner



We start by saying La Peché and Nuè are the most beautiful and versatile color combination ever. This rich pigment, soft like butter, lip liner formula is so easy to apply and it will last all day. Just after one swatch you will see the true color transferring on to your lips giving a velvety soft feel and a rich color. You can choose to wear this lip liner by itself or just as a contour color to match the shade of your lipstick. This formula is very gentle and soft like butter. When sharpening this lip liner, be gentle and don't force the sharpener. It’s a soft delicate formula, and this will avoid damaging your lip liner. Formulated and developed by me, through my experience as an executive product developer for major beauty brands, I knew exactly what I had to do to achieve this special lip liner formula. I wanted this color to be universal and to match with every skin tone. This creamy peachy brown tone is made to look semi natural and blend perfectly with any nude shade of lipstick like La Peché. The name says it all NUÈ in French means nude.


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