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Anna Marti knows how difficult it can be to find the best adhesive to use with your lashes. The beauty minds behind AMC have formulated a lash glue that dries clear and provides a superior hold no matter what your night throws at you. The glue is waterproof giving you the ability to look your best even if you just got out of the swimming pool.

  • Quick Drying | AMC glue dries quickly allowing you to look amazing faster without having to worry if the glue has dried!
  • Firm Hold | Provides long lasting hold letting you wear your lashes all day and night while looking fabulous
  • No Residue | Applies and dries clear without leaving residue leaving a natural eyelash look.
  • Water Proof | Look beautiful and flawless even if you decided to go for a swim
  • Anna Marti Cosmetics | Empowering everyone who wants it

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