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Anna Marti Cosmetics 3D mink lashes are unique and 100% Siberian Mink that is collected during natural shedding season. The delicate mink lashes are sterilized, chemical free and use natural colors without dyes. The soft elastic bands are so light you barely feel them for maximum comfort. To obtain a multi-layered effect we mixed short and long hairs to give a wispy and voluminous fluffy look. All of our lashes are handmade to make you feel like a million dollars. Wear one of our 3 unique styles to amplify your eyes from shy to Caliente.

  •  100% Siberian Mink | Not made from faux or synthetic materials. All mink lashes are collected by hand during the natural shedding season and sterilized
  • Hypoallergenic | Does not contain any harsh chemicals or dyes keeping its natural shine and color
  •  Lightweight | So light you will not notice or feel you’re wearing mink eyelashes. Feel glamorous all-day and night with zero effort
  • Water Proof | Look as if you just put on your lashes getting out of the pool and look flawless every time
  •  Wearable up to 25 Times | If taken care of properly by cleaning and removing build up, AMC lashes can be worn up to 25 times

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