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Anna Marti Cosmetics lashes are always unique because they are handmade and created to be an extension of you. AMC lashes are 100% Siberian Mink that’s collected during the natural shedding season. The tantalizing mink lashes are sterilized, free of chemicals and naturally rich in color without any dyes. You can barely feel the lightweight elastic bands giving you maximum comfort all day and night while looking amazing. We obtained a natural multi-layered effect by mixing short and long hairs to give a wispy and voluminous fluffy look. Feel and look luxurious with our handmade, 100% Siberian Mink lashes. Wear one of our 3 unique styles to amplify your eyes from everyday business to girl’s night out, no matter the time always look fabulous.

  • 100% Siberian Mink | Made from 100% natural Siberian mink that is collected during the seasonal shedding cycle
  • Hypoallergenic | Mink lashes are sterilized and do not contain any harsh chemicals or dyes keeping it all natural
  •  Lightweight like a Feather | Feel glamorous all-day and night with zero effort, you won't even notice the mink eyelashes
  • Water Proof | Do not let a little water prevent you from looking your best, AMC lashes are water proof so jump right in!
  • Use up to 25 Times | AMC lashes can be worn up to 25 times if maintained with proper care by cleaning and removing build up

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